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VISA Counselling Services

  • Visa Counselling

    SkillMaestro offers highly personalized service for Visa Counseling ensuring that the student is well prepared in advance before facing the VISA interview. Our counselors have vast experience in helping students apply for US visas and improve their chance of getting one.

    Through mock interviews, we train you to answer all the probable questions that you might face in the visa interview. We have outlined the steps for the whole VISA process for USA below

  • Getting your VISA

    An F-1 visa to the U.S. is fairly simple to obtain if your credentials are perfect. You stand a better chance if you have received some form of funding from the university. As of May, 2003, the U.S. Department of State requires all first-time F-1 applicants to go through a mandatory interview irrespective of whether funding has been provided by the university or not. However, don't panic. A visa interview is usually quite a simple procedure if you approach it in the way it should be. Getting a visa involves three steps:

  • Booking a date for the visa interview

    If you live in Chennai, Kolkata or New Delhi, you can book your visa date online at http://www.ttsvisas.com/. You should book your visa date sometime during the first week of May for a date in June and beyond. Remember that during the third week of May, there would be a mad rush to book dates. So, be cautioned! Choose a date that would not only be convenient for you but when you would confident of knowing your final semester grades as also of receiving your course completion certificate. Ideally, the second or third week of June would be good for anybody. You should also keep in mind your reporting date as mentioned in the I-20. The visa interview should not be too close to the reporting date or you will not have enough time for preparing for your stay in the U.S. Likewise, it can't be too further (according to the U.S. Department of State regulations, you may not apply 90 days before your reporting date) to the reporting date.

  • Preparing for the interview

    This involves two aspects - the monetary and the intellectual. As far as the monetary aspect is concerned, you need to show enough proof of funds for your entire stay at the U.S. (except the amount received as aid). For this, you may show a bank statement (as stated above for the application process) and/or a C.A. certificate. Additionally, you may need to show a property/jewellery certificate in case you are mortgaging your land/jewellery etc. to fund your higher studies. Refer to the above section on applying on how to obtain a bank statement etc. For the intellectual aspect, you need to prepare for the possible questions that will be asked by the visa officer. Information for both is provided in this digest. Also join some egroup which caters to the students leaving for U.S. for the Fall (or Spring) session.

  • Attending the interview

    If you have prepared well in the above steps, you should find the visa interview a breeze. However, do not be over confident. Just be yourself and answer the questions calmly and confidently. Confidence is the key here - you may sneak in a lie by answering confidently but a truthful answer will be deemed a lie if you take time to answer it. One thought for those who might find it hard suppressing the nerves: Remember that going to the U.S. and doing your M.S. in neither the only thing to do in life nor the end of the world if you don't get to do it. Just think of it as just another day in your life and the visa officer as just another stranger. Maybe the fact that he is an American might intimidate you but think like this: would you feel scared talking to an American tourist? Just think that he/she is not the deciding authority behind your future. Such thoughts would definitely boost your self-confidence, morale and pep you up!